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This class is your opportunity to become familiar with the  National Electrical Code. We have included this class as the first two days of the Exam Prep week to allow you an Article-by-Article review of the current National Electrical Code.


To complete the Exam Prep week, you may prefer to register for the complete  5-day Comprehensive Exam Prep classes. If you are not sure which class you should be taking, please contact us for assistance. 

Please refer to our NEC code update classes for current 2017 NEC electrical code changes classe.

This class is pre-approved for continuing education credit in South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah and Wyoming, and many other states accept this class based on one of those pre-approvals. So if you need code continuing credit hours, this class will provide 16 hours for license renewal. (Check with your state to see if they will accept one of these preapprovals).

Many electricians take this class as a good review and update on the NEC, even if they do not need the continuing education hours for license renewal. Either way, keeping updated on the electrical code will enable you to be more competent at your job.  




8 Hour Code classes $175.00
16 Hour Code classes $350.00

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